Airline Restrictions: Flight Restrictions

Many people maybe traveling for the first time, or maybe they haven’t traveled lately. You’re might have a lot of questions or wondering about flight restrictions while flying, and that’s normal. If this is you, I want to give you a list of a few thing on what’s allowed, and what’s not.   


Why the TSA’s New Restrictions Are Incredibly Stupid 



First thing that you want to do is think about what you may be able to bring on the flight, ask yourself if you need it. If you do, you may want to find out more information from the airlines to make sure it is allowed.



Terror Threat Forces New Flight Restrictions  


Another flight restriction is knowing how much in liquids you may take on a flight.   A lot of people may not know this, but you can’t bring more than 3 ounces per liquid, and placing them in clear zippered bag is not a bad idea.  Many may recommend that you place the liquids in the check in bag, if you’re going to check your bags rather than a carry-on.

With all rules and flight restrictions when it comes flying, some may recommend is to check out Flight Restrictions Updates at: Listed is a list of everything that you can’t bring on board. Now, just because you can’t bring it on flight, it does not mean that you can’t check it in. The lists will be able to inform you exactly what you can, and cannot do.

Expanded Flight Restrictions Ground Local Pilots 


Finally, if you’re still confused if you can or cannot take it on board call the airline that your flying with.  They can assist you in going over their flight restrictions.

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