Airline Restrictions: Flight Restrictions

Many people maybe traveling for the first time, or maybe they haven’t traveled lately. You’re might have a lot of questions or wondering about flight restrictions while flying, and that’s normal. If this is you, I want to give you a list of a few thing on what’s allowed, and what’s not.   


Why the TSA’s New Restrictions Are Incredibly Stupid 



First thing that you want to do is think about what you may be able to bring on the flight, ask yourself if you need it. If you do, you may want to find out more information from the airlines to make sure it is allowed.



Terror Threat Forces New Flight Restrictions  


Another flight restriction is knowing how much in liquids you may take on a flight.   A lot of people may not know this, but you can’t bring more than 3 ounces per liquid, and placing them in clear zippered bag is not a bad idea.  Many may recommend that you place the liquids in the check in bag, if you’re going to check your bags rather than a carry-on.

With all rules and flight restrictions when it comes flying, some may recommend is to check out Flight Restrictions Updates at: Listed is a list of everything that you can’t bring on board. Now, just because you can’t bring it on flight, it does not mean that you can’t check it in. The lists will be able to inform you exactly what you can, and cannot do.

Expanded Flight Restrictions Ground Local Pilots 


Finally, if you’re still confused if you can or cannot take it on board call the airline that your flying with.  They can assist you in going over their flight restrictions.

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Wilderness Travel: Toy Haulers

Weekend Warrior Toy Haulers 



Ever wonder about toy haulers and exactly what it is?  Some may call it a sports utility trailer but many refer to it as a toy hauler.  It can be a type of travel trailer or combined with a motor home, some are also 5th wheel toy haulers.  These are used to transport recreational vehicles like four wheelers, motorcycles, watercraft, snowmobiles and more.  Toy haulers can make finding adventure so easy that you’ll want to set up camp and stay a few days instead of taking day trips.

RPM Extreme 23FB Toy Hauler Travel Trailer 


If you’re considering buying a toy hauler and can’t afford new you want to learn about toy hauler trailer tips on buying used.  Buying new or used and size requirements may depend on the number of road trips you’re planning and how many recreational vehicles you want to transport.  You’ll also need to consider if you’re toy hauler is just needed to store and transport your toys or you’ll need one with a fully equipped kitchen and beds.  It’s always important to determine your needs before you buy.

Another thing to consider is the weight of your recreational vehicles while loading your toy hauler.  It’s a good idea to weigh your cargo before you load to ensure it will not be too heavy.  You can put a strain on your tires and brakes if you are overweight which can also increase your chances of having an accident.  Some toy haulers may designate a weight allowance.

Dodge 6.7 Towing 43 Foot Toy Hauler 


With people so busy today and all the stress, it’s hard to relax and enjoy life.  Just remember one thing, mud + toy hauler trailer = fun.  So get out and enjoy some of those fun filled days again with owning a toy hauler

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Commuting: Folding Bike

So many of us at one time or another has had a bike.  We rode for fun or rode to commute to school or work.  Once you reached your desination everyone has had a difficult decision on where to park their bikes.  Even traveling to trails or going on vacation has had their obstacles on transporting their bikes needing a truck or bike rack on the back of the car until now.  A folding bike has taken away alot of these obstacles.

Suitcase Folding Bike – Wave of the Future? 


Bikes have evolved so much over the years where they have been designed to fold.  A Schwinn’s new world folding bike is just an example.  A folding bike is available in a wide variety, each designed with specific attributes.  Many of the folding bike designs are manufactured making them ideal for travel and storage.  A Birdy folding bike can be your true compact travel companion.  Some people perfer to buy a Brompton folding bike.  You can check out folding bike reviews online before purchasing to make sure you choose the right one that suits your needs.

Dom’s Folding Bike


Owning a folding bike takes away all the excuses not to ride.  If you live close enough to your work place or where you attend school, some folding bikes can fold as compact as a brief case saving you money on transporation costs, getting some exercise doesn’t hurt either.  The folding bikes are available in various speeds, making pedaling easy.  Some may ask on how much weight a folding bike will hold, just as much as a standard bike would.  Are the folding bikes easy to fold, the answer is yes.  They can fold down from one to four easy steps, depending on the make of the folding bike.  A folding bike is great for any type of area like congested cities, offices and vehicles.  Owning a folding bike will show you how useful they are.

Pacific IF MODE Folding Bike 

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Travel Gear Luggage: Luggage Bags

Luggage bags have many features when purchasing, consumers should consider when traveling to ensure the bags will meet their needs.  One of the most important features is durability, will they hold up through rough handling.  Another is to consider the locks and how they are manufactured on the luggage bags, when most travelers over-pack you want to ensure the locks will hold.  Many travelers purchase complete luggage sets while others choose the convenient rolling garment luggage bags.

Heys USA L’Exotique Collection 3-piece Luggage Set 


Some luggage bags are expandable which allows for more packing.  If you’re the type of traveler that takes short business trips or vacations you may want to consider this type of luggage bag.  Many consumers like the expandable luggage bags so they have additional room to pack items they purchase while away to bring home.

Samsonite Xion 2 Spinner Garment Bag Luggage


Some other features that you may need would be a laptop compartment, pull bars, telescoping handles and wheels.  Wheeled luggage bags are available in two or four wheels.  The two wheeled can be pushed or pulled back and forth, while the four wheeled can also go side to side.  Keep in mind the weight of each piece, because this will affect how much weight you can pack without going over and paying for an overweight bag.

Most luggage bags have elastic straps on the inside to hold your personal items in place.  Some even have inside pockets that maybe zippered to store those small items that would be hard to locate from the luggage being handled on and off the planes and the baggage carousel.  Another feature is what type of material of the luggage bags.  A 1200 or 1800D Polyester is tougher material to withstand the rough handling.  Nylon material is a smoother material which could be waterproof.

New Disney by Heys Luggage 


If you’re a parent and traveling with children you may want to search for children’s luggage which makes travel more fun.  Kids love to roll their favorite Disney character luggage through the airport for everyone else to see.  The design of this case allows the wheels to protrude out. This protrusion keeps the case elevated, so that even when being rolled at a very low height off the floor, the wheels will be the only point of contact and the case will continue to roll with ease. By weighing in at a mere 3.8 lbs, any child can wheel these fun cases around. Each case features special LED lights within its inline skate wheels. These wheels light up when the case is rolled creating a dazzling effect and make their rolling even better. If you’re kids are happy, you’re happy.

So if you’re searching for luggage for your next trip, shop online for some of the best luggage bags to buy.  Getabag has a large selection of luggage sets, carry ons and children’s luggage to choose from.

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Airline Regulations: Baggage Allowance

If you haven’t flown lately you may not realize what changes have been made to baggage. What is your baggage allowance?   Many check out baggage fees online before packing for a flight, some do not.  Not knowing before hand could be costly when arriving at the airport to check-in.  The airlines have a baggage fee section listed on their website, some you will have to search for.  The airlines do not have this link on their home pages, you may have to type in Baggage Fees or Baggage Allowance in their search bar or click on a few links to locate it.  Taking a few minutes to find this information will be worthwhile and could save you money in the long run. 

Baggage Allowance



Which airlines have the most generous checked baggage allowances?  Just to mention two, Southwest and JetBlue allow your first checked bag without any fees.  If you’re price shopping between airlines and the costs are close, take a look at the airlines baggage fees.  The one airline may give the first checked bag free and charge alot more for the second.  The other may distribute the cost more evenly for the first and second bag.


Luggage Limits 


Many airline carry-on luggage allowances can be different depending on the seating you choose, economy through first-class.  It can also be different if you’re a frequent flyer.  Some airlines base the baggage allowance on size and weight.  The smaller and lighter bags can be a carry-on that fit in an overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you, but the rest will have to be checked.

I have listed a few links that will take you directly to the baggage allowance section for some major airlines:

Southwest Airlines –
JetBlue Airlines –
Delta Airlines –
American Airlines –
US Airways –
United Airlines –,6998,1031,00.html

Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

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Wilderness Travel: Camping Trailers

All Terrain Camping and Survival Trailer


Did you realize camping trailers were designed back in the 18th century?  They have come along way since then.  The camping trailers of today can be purchased to sleep 2 with no bathroom facilities to 8 or 10 with modern kitchens and baths, these can include all the luxuries of home.  Camping trailers are more comfortable today and tend to be much safer than camping in a tent, especially in wilderness surroundings.  Most people that love camping and do it often opt to camp in a trailer.

With the selection of camping trailers on the market, how do you choose the right one?  There are various types like truck campers, pop-ups, fifth wheel and motor homes.  The smaller trailers can be up to 18 feet, medium size are 18 – 25 feet and large trailers are 25 – 40 feet in length.


Buying a Coleman Camping Trailer


Many people like camping on a regular basis or traveling across country and like to stay at various places to explore the countryside.  While others do not and choose to rent a camping trailer instead of buying one.  If you’re one of those people considering to purchase you should take the following into consideration before doing so:



1.  New or used camping trailers, cost will be your deciding factor.
2.  Choose a camping trailer that your vehicle tow.
3.  Is the camping trailer equipped with a battery set-up.  Ask about the charging facility.
4.  If you require a certain size bed, this is the time to find out.

Challenge Outback Off Road Deluxe Camper Trailer 


When shopping for camping trailers, know all the things to look for.  Ask about the basic things along with all the technical information you may need to know before you buy.  Once you have made your decision, have a wonderful time experiencing the great outdoors.

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Commuting: Commuters

What are commuters?  They are people that travel on a daily basis to work or school.  Some may have long travel distances daily.  Many choose to share rides or use public transportation to commute.  People that do not have the luxury of working out of the homes have not choice but to commute for work.  Most schools are not in walking distance and students find themselves commuting back and forth for their classes.



According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, commuters on a nationwide average travel approximately 24 minutes each way spending more than 100 hours on a yearly basis commuting to work or school.  The information this data reveals with assist local and regional communities and state agencies in maintaining, improving and developement of the transportation systems.  Not only does this data assist in the transportation systems it also provides viable information on home building and schools.

Commuting Costs On The Rise 

The survey reveals which states have some of the longest commuting times like New York while Montana has some of the shortest commutes.  Commuters are more likely to have longer commuting times working or going to school in larger cities and heavy populated areas than some states where the population isn’t as great. 

As the economy has faultered the last several years and people have lost their jobs, this has had an impact on the number of commuters on the road.  Some commuters have also been forced to take a hard look at the way they commute and are relying on other ways of transportation to save money.



Commuters Cycling To Combat High Gas Prices

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Travel Gear Luggage: Leather Travel Bags

Most people aren’t sure of the type of travel bags to purchase.  Alot of consumers end up buying a travel bag or luggage set made of polyester.  Did you ever consider leather travel bags?  Most of the leather today is made of a tougher top grain, full grain, genuine or split leather leather.  In most cases these types of leather travel bags are more expensive to purchase.  I’ve found that over the years spending alittle more on leather travel bags will outlast the ones made of polyester.
Leather travel bags are available in totes, duffels, garment bags, carry-ons and luggage sets.  Some of the brand names that manufacture these are Bellino and Canyon Outback which can be located at Getabag online.  Just look on the right side  for the category Leather Bags.

Leather Luggage

Beware, when purchasing leather travel bags make sure they are geniune leather.  Some leather may be faux or also known as simulated, this is man made leather.  Your full grain leather is durable, breathable and is the strongest type of leather.

Heys Leather Crossbody Bag

Leather travel bags can also have disadvantages like scratches or stains on the surface.  You can clean your leather luggage by gently rubbing with a damp soft cloth or sponge without using any chemicals.  You can use lukewarm water and mild soap.  Checking with the manufacturer or distributor is always best before cleaning your leather travel bag.  Storing your leather travel bags when not in use is also important.  Do not store your leather travel bags in extreme heat or cold.  Long periods in the rain could also do damage to the surface of the material.  If your leather travel bags become wet drying them off as soon as possible should avoid doing any damage.

Your leather travel bags can last a lifetime if you take care of the properly.  Use them for trips with the family or business.  In the long run you would not have to be replacing your bags over and over again.

Miss Amelia Travel Bag

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Airline Regulations: Airline Baggage

Planning a trip can be so exicting, booking your room, airline tickets and planning your itinerary until it is time to pack your baggage.  Each time you travel you gain alittle more experience in what to pack and how much.  Packing airline baggage is more of a headache than packing for a road trip.  With all the restraints today put on by the airlines like size and weight of your baggage, additional fees for checked baggage can be frustrating and costly.

Today Show – Following American Airlines Baggage

Airline baggage is purchased by the piece or an entire set consisting of 3 ,4 ,5 and even 6 different sizes.  Knowing the types of material that your airline baggage is made of can mean the difference of traveling once or several times with the same set.  Some baggage is made from a 1200D – 1800D  Polyester material which is the norm or a hardcase shell.  These are the best types to shop for.

Don’t Waste Your Money: Avoiding airline baggage fees

Before arriving at the airport remember to check out the airline regulations concerning airline baggage requirements and fees.  Another is one is Homeland Security Airline Baggage Rules which can be accessed online.  One of the main things that people forget about is locking their bags.  The airline may break your locks.  Another is the weight of each bag.  Usually they cannot exceed 50 lbs. in weight when traveling coach.  Don’t pack your paperwork, medications or any necessities that you must have in your airline baggage, place these items in your carry-on.  Airlines can misplace your baggage by not putting them on the correct flight.  If this happens it could take a day or two for your airline baggage to catch up to you.

You can make your trip enjoyable if you get off to the right start.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Loading/Boarding

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Wilderness Travel: Hiking Trips

How much do you know about hiking?  Have you ever gone on hiking tripsHow to get started? Hiking is nothing more than taking a walk in the wilderness.  The surface may be rough and uneven unlike taking a walk in the park.  If you never hiked before you can condition yourself before venturing out.  Conditioning your muscles is only one part, knowing the weather conditions is another and finding your way back may be the most important.  Learning about hiking trips before hand can enhance your experience and make it more enjoyable.

Hiking Trips

First, if you never hiked before start with walks in the park if you live in a city or back roads if you live in rural areas.  Find some areas that may be unpaved to give you a feel of what it is like walking in the wilderness on uneven surfaces.  Start with short walks to condition your muscles and feet.  There is nothing worse than getting up the next morning so stiff you feel like you can’t move.  As you venture out each time go alittle further.  Try to walk as long as you plan on your hiking trip.  Also if you’re planning on carrying supplies in a backpack you may want to do this taking your walks.

Hiking Trip

Going on hiking trips is different that hiking around home.  Be aware of any circumstances and know what you may need to take care of your body.  Remember, most times there may not be any shelters or vehicles to go to if you get tired or hungry.  If you never took hiking trips before starting with short hikes will help you learn what to expect.

Second, knowing what the weather conditions are before taking hiking trips.  You may want to consider summertime in most parts of the country, the weather is the most pleasant this time of the year, unless you’re plan hiking in the desert you may want to plan this in the winter, spring or fall.  Hiking in nice weather is one less thing to worry about.  Once you gain experience in hiking trips and want to make it more challenging, then take at look at the seasons where weather can be less friendly.

Third, is packing the proper food and water and wearing the correct clothing for hiking trips.  Keeping hydrated is the most important.  Don’t go out and buy that new pair hiking boots and wear them on a long hike the first time out.  Take short hikes to break them in or wear them around home for awhile.  Make sure you wear the proper clothing, lightweight is the best.  Taking along a jacket may not be a bad idea depending on the time of the year.

Amazing Hiking Trips in America

Last, you may want to consider taking your first hiking trip with a group of people who have experience in hiking trips.  They know what to expect and can guide you along the way.  Ask them questions on things you aren’t sure about.  You can gain knowledge from others.  Be aware of your starting point, this is where you want to end up at the end of the day.  Being able to find your way back is the most important.  Enjoy yourself on hiking trips and see what nature has to offer.

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